Sorghum Farming Now

Sorghum Farming Now

The next great cash crop!

It’s Gluten-free, high in antioxidants, high in fiber and has a low glycemic level. It can lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar and is high in protein. Additionally, it is both drought and flood resistant. A fast growing cost-effective crop to farm, using less than half the water of corn. We’re here to help farmers and future farmers grow sorghum crop the right way, right now with the best and most efficient practices. Heck, we’ll even grow it for you! Add to that a number of great services to keep you going.

American Sorghum is coming your way!

Look for our mill, complete with The Sorghum Mill store and The Gluten Free Brewery. A research facility with our food and sustainability education center will soon follow that.

The Gluten Free Beer BreweryThe Sorghum Mill         Want to get involved? Please send us an email for more information.

American Sorghum

Sorghum Farming and production will begin summer 2015. We are also planning brewery and a distillery. The education center will offer a variety of classes, Cooking, gardening, farming and more. Full seminars will be offered in sustainable farming, branding, packaging, social media strategy and much more!

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