American Sorghum

American Sorghum is here to help farmers!

Many small and family farms are no longer in business or operation at a fraction of their original capacity. Increasing costs and lower prices forced many farmers out and that’s where we come in. Not only re-introducing a low cost crop with a booming gluten-free market and the increase of gluten intolerance, diabetes, fuel needs and more. We partner with all our farms to start with a virtual no-cost initiative. We take it many steps further with distribution and incubator services. We help you sell or we’ll sell it for you.

How will we do this?

We’re building a sorghum mill! With the mill, there will also be The Sorghum Mill Store,  The Gluten Free Brewery & Distillery, Research & Development Facility and an Education Center with cooking classes and more. We will have all all the equipment for farming, planting, harvesting and packaging sorghum combined with the best and most sustainable practices and marketing, branding, packaging and social media services.


Simply, American needs sorghum! Read our Blog  posts for the latest news, information, trends and history of sorghum. Please Contact Us about investment opportunities.

The Sorghum Mill The Gluten Free Beer Brewery